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2020 Sabino Chardonnay

2020 Sabino Chardonnay

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2020 brought a year of unprecedented challenges across the globe. Making good wine relies on planning and precision, two luxuries that we were not afforded in a time of such uncertainty. However, a bit of serendipity allowed us to move forward with wine production even as the world shut down, and we ended up with an assortment of vintages as varied and complex as the year itself.

In a spot of good fortune, 2020’s unexpectedly warm climate resulted in an early harvest: all of our grapes were in the winery by March 23rd, just about a week after the reality of the pandemic came to a head across the globe. Then, the agricultural exemption we received from the government allowed us to continue wine making operations even while the country was under strict lockdowns. Those employees who were allowed to travel to the winery from their homes were warriors in seeing the wine making process to completion.

The 2020 Sabino Chardonnay is fresh and high in minerality, with an electric acidity on the palate. A refreshing pour forany time of the year, this vintage steps it up a notch from the previous year in terms of its tropical notes, while still maintaining a good body that does not overpower the senses. Enjoy with chicken and roasted vegetables. While wines from warmer years tend to evolve a bit faster, these vintages should have life in the bottle for at least a decade into the future.

Wine Specs
Casablanca Valley
Alcohol %
**92 pts.** Descorchados **93 pts.** Suckling **92 pts.** Parker