Feliz Año Nuevo

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This set includes our 2017 Pinots, 2017 Cariblanco Sauvingon Blanc, 2016 Lucero Syrah and a favorite 2015 Bayo Oscuro Syrah. These wines would be a nice complement to your holiday meals.

What's in the Box?

1 bottle of our 2017 Alazan Pinot Noir

1 bottle of our 2017 Tobiano Pinot Noir

1 bottle of our 2016 Lucero Syrah

1 bottle of our 2015 Bayo Oscuro Syrah

2 bottles of our 2017 Cariblanco Sauvignon Blanc

+ 1 limited edition Kingston Family Vineyards corkscrew

Feliz Año Nuevo Image