BBQ on the Farm

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Including a mix of our latest wines and wines from previous releases, this set gives you a taste of the full range of our wines that our winemakers craft in Casablanca, Chile. Be transported to our tasting terraza overlooking the green summer vineyards as you sip our 2017 Cariblanco Sauvignon Blanc and 2017 Rosé along with our 2015 Bayo Oscuro and 2016 Tobiano Pinot Noir.

What's in the Box?

3 bottles of our 2017 Cariblanco Sauvignon Blanc
3 bottles of our 2015 Bayo Oscuro Syrah
2 bottles of our 2016 Tobiano Pinot Noir
4 bottles of our 2017 Rosé

+ 1 limited edition Kingston Family Vineyards corkscrew

BBQ on the Farm