2018 Cariblanco Sauvignon Blanc

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When I write about a wine I’ve made, I think back first to the weather.  The past few years we’ve had some pretty extreme weather in the Casablanca Valley.  2016 was a cold and difficult year, while 2017 was probably one of the warmest years we’ve ever had.

2018 was also cold and a challenging vintage in many respects. I was concerned about the vines; grape yields were higher than usual  and the clusters were slow to ripen. Harvest itself took a great deal of patience and dedication. We constantly monitored our blocks to carefully handle the unusual vintage. Read more in Byron's tasting notes ››

Wine Specs
Sauvignon Blanc
Casablanca Valley
Alcohol %
**(94 points)** - *Descorchados* **(94 points)** - *Tim Atkin*
2018 Cariblanco Sauvignon Blanc