1920s Carl John Kingston Passport.
1920's, Carl John Kingston's Passport
1920s Graceline boat
1920's, Graceline Manifest
1906, Carl John Kingston
1906, Carl John Kingston, from the Michigan School of Mines Yearbook
In Early 1900's

In the early 1900s our family patriarch, Carl John Kingston, packed up his belongings and made the months-long journey from Central Mine, Michigan to Chile in search of copper and gold. In 1906, "Gramps" joined the Cerro de Pasco Mining Company as an engineer, and traveled throughout South America scouting for his mother lode.

Although he never struck gold, C.J. unearthed a large dairy and cattle ranch 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean in the western hills of Chile's Casablanca Valley. With his new wife Caroline Los Kamp, C.J. settled in the casa patronal on "The Farm."